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Michael Lewis's acclaimed book was published in 2003 and chronicles the story of the Oakland A's and their General Manager Billy Beane. The subsequent award-winning film is considered one of the best movies an instructor can use to teach economics. Both the film and book have been used in a variety of ways to teach statistics, human resource management, and also economics. In 2022, we presented this work at the Allied Social Sciences Association's Annual Meetings. You can view our poster by clicking below:

ASSA 2022 Poster

The concept has become so popular that it's referenced in other popular media, even a decade after the film's release. Moneyball is referenced in Brooklyn 99 and has an entire episode of The Simpsons based on the premise. We created this page as a resource area for educators interested in using Moneyball in different classrooms as part of formal assessments or with other active learning elements in their course. If you're using Moneyball in your classroom, please reach out and share your resources. For questions, please reach out.

Teaching Economics with 

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